1) Leadership and Executive Development

Whether working independently or as an Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School at Oxford University, or an Educator and Orchestrator with Duke CE a huge amount of my passion and thinking is focussed in this arena.  I have been privileged in working in partnership some of the best professionals in the world. Equally, I continuously find my personal humility in the wonderful spirit of delegates of all races and creeds that I am lucky enough to engage with.

There is so much that has to go into a really successful leadership and executive development partnership if it is to have relevance and impact, not least of all in analysis, shared design, delivery and follow up.

I am passionate about getting alongside in all of these areas in a way that links to both transformation and value creation.

2) Organisation Development and Change

Over the years I have found the challenge and complexity of real OD work to be an incredibly satisfying area to work in.  We operate in an environment of discontinuous change that is often described as volatile, ambiguous and complex. Most organisations need to keep building, changing or reinventing themselves and can benefit from objective help and deep experience in service of value creation.

As a former Principal Consultant in a global change practice and then OD Head in a multinational organisation I have gained good experience and feedback as a trusted advisor, sounding board, trainer, facilitator and sense maker without ever feeling complacent about the clarity of thought that has to go into a successful change effort and broader organisation development work.

3) Team Building and Facilitation

For me, working with a team as it finds its way forward and moves to a new level is always a highly rewarding experience.

There are times when high performing teams really benefit from asking “who are we, where are we going, how do we get there, how will we know?”   Honest dialogue and carefully guided conversations can be powerful tools.

I have worked with many senior teams over many years varying from law firm partners and other professional practices to executive teams from electronics, engineering, insurance and pharmaceuticals. With masters accreditation of the pragmatic Team Management Profile from tmsdi and fully accredited and practiced in the highly regarded Hogan Inventories and the Leadership Versatility Index, I aim to help build common language, insight, mutual respect and direction.

4) Educating and Speaking

While most educating or speaking is governed by client need and expectations, two core sessions have been most recently in demand:

In a different mould peer to peer shared learning has been an acclaimed theme for the past ten years:

For more information on any of the above please email or leave contact details at +44 (0)141 354 8886


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